Tuesday 29 January 2013

The big egg hunt

Ayelet Lalor took part in a charity exhibition for the Jack and Jill Foundation, where one hundred artists were given a 2.5ft fibreglass egg to do with what they chose; paint, demolish, add to, sculpt, anything goes. Below is a description taken from the Jack and Jill Foundation website;

"From February until Easter, Dublin will be home to the biggest Easter egg hunt in the history of the state when over 100 fibre glass eggs will be secreted around the capital, each one decorated by well known artisans. Big artist names decorating the eggs include Guggi, Ayelet lalor and John Rocha. 
Eggs will go on display on Pancake Tuesday 12th February for 40 days and 40 nights across Dublin. The locations of the eggs will not be revealed, its up to you to find the two and half foot eggs. It’s a family affair. Get the family involved in the Egg Hunt, all they have to do is find twenty eggs , each egg has a code which you have to identify to enter the draw for a grand prize ( diamond pendant earrings for Mum, chocolate factory visit for kids, and a years supply of chocolate from Lily O’Briens) it’s fun and easy.

The eggs will then be auctioned for charity in aid of The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. The online auction will begin on 12th February culminating in a live auction at the Four Seasons Hotel on 23rd March. Anyone can buy them . The hand crafted eggs are destined to become highly collectible and valuable works of art."

Here is Ayelet to tell us more about how she created her egg!

Concept illustration for the egg design

"Initial illustration and  drawing to scale, then trying to figure out how the hell to get it onto the egg without getting myself caught up in tons of paper."

"Starting to block out the colours, then slowly paint up the texture and layers. God, there was a lot of surface area on that egg, it just went on and on."

"Getting closer, starting to look finished, thank God!"

It was a really fun project to be part of, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.


For more information visit the Jack and Jill Foundation website and facebook page.